Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rockabilly Tattoos

Rockabilly Tattoos

There are many relationship between music and tattoos, especially as regards the rock and its variants, since both have been known since birth as symbols of strength and rebellion, so have gone hand in hand since before popularizing use of tattoos.


The rockabilly is a style that best represents the tattoos, because it has a unique style that differs from other styles of rock. Among the most popular tattoos rockabily have the skulls, dice, flames, guitars, tattoos, hearts, old American cars, mainly the bass and pinup, which are the main representatives of this music.

This style of music born in the 50s in the United States is experiencing a renaissance, known as "Rockabilly Revival," and that is why today are more and more symbols of rockabilly and rockabilly tattoos, either men and women of all ages, but that these tattoos have a vintage or retro aesthetic.

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