Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rihanna New Guns Tattoos Style

Rihanna's new gun tattoo

Rihanna loves tattoos and she really has some pretty neat ones;at last count she had eleven tattoos located all over her body.Not any more,new total number of her tattoos is twelve.

Rihanna has experienced a lot recently. After everything that went on with Chris Brown, staying out of the public eye would have been totally understandable but instead she went out and got a new tattoo.She flew in her tattoo artist BangBang from New York City to City of the Angels to get her a new tattoo.BangBang published the photos of Rihanna new tattoo on his MySpace site,and a photo of where he firstly wished to tattoo the guns on Rihanna’s chest,but the idea Rihanna disapproved due to her contract with Cover Girl.BangBang stated he believes the gun tattoo represents strength and power.

Rihanna's new gun tattoo picture

Rihanna new guns tattoo
Rihanna did not show any reservation about getting new gun tattoo. "People are going to react all different ways,"stated BangBang. The couple have additional tattoo ideas, "something along the lines of a very soft, light grey that will be blended into her skin," "She loves getting tattoos. They mean a lot to her."stated BangBang.

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