Saturday, May 15, 2010

Johnny Depp Tattoos Style

Johnny Depp is one of the very few Hollywood Celebrities who can be called as Tattoo Aficionados. Johnny Depp, 46 years, is an famous American Actor and Musician who is well know for portraying offbeat and eccentric characters in the Series "Pirates of the Caribbean". Although in his early career, Johnny was never known to have a fad with tattoos. However, since last twenty years, Johnny has proved that he is a true fan of ink on his body. That is why, Johnny Depp always remains in the news media with lots of publicity about his new and trendy tattoos.

The peculiarity of Johnny Depp Tattoos is the sentimental expressions and reminders of the people in his life and the places visited by him. In fact, Johnny often states that his tattoos are a way of displaying milestones of his life journey and remembering the same over the years. Johnny Depp's tattoos include a variety of tattoos (about 13-14) comprsing of the name of his first child on heart, his mother's name, a picture of his ancestral heritage and many more. The latest tattoo in the portfolio of Johnny Depp Tattoos is an inscription with the words "Silence Exile Cunning"

Johnny Depp Tattoos

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