Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama The Amazing Tattoos

Obama is a great and surprising. He brings a rainbow and unicorns and puppy dogs and cotton candy. As the first African-American president, it is certainly a sign of a turning point in American history, but every politician worth the purchase of a tattoo? And if Obama suddenly becomes a Van Dyke beard and becomes the evil Doppelganger Obama? And if he starts doing things like pushing old down the stairs and running over kittens in a truck on the lawn of the White House? What's your Obama tattoo now?
Obama The Amazing Tattoos
Despite the fact that there are indeed many people who think that putting Obama on the face skin for life is a good idea. We anticipate that are cool, but why did he not fight on tattoos Gerald Ford? Gerald Ford became hip. Or not. Ok, enough rambling ... Here are 15 Obama Tattoos terrible that must not be confused 15 tattoos, which should prevent you from acquiring or 10 Laid rash video game tattoos

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